Virtual reality in surgical planning: Key benefits of the Virtual X Surgical Planning Platform

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The current medical visualization techniques aren't able to represent the complex 3D relationships in the human anatomy. However, the Virtual X Surgical Planning Platform brings surgeons a step closer with its real time virtual reality system that integrates into a DICOM diagnostic work station. Unlike other 3D rendering technologies, with the Virtual X Surgical Planning Platform surgeons can visualize and interact with tissue and organs as if they were real physical objects in open holographic, 3D spaces using a hand-directed stylus.

 How this virtual, holographic surgical planning technology uses centerline extraction to determine the center path along a 3D surface model.

 How Virtual X’s ROI selection lets physicians select and focus on an area of interest and updates the image to display across all visualization modes.

 How Virtual X has holographic freehand clip plane control to create cross sections in volume and 2D multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) views—so physicians can quickly drive their view along any oblique perspective without being limited to axial, coronal and sagittal views.

Jason Haider, Founder and CEO of Xenco Medical