10 Ways Lean Strategies Support The Healthcare Workforce and Improve Healthcare Strategy

With the move from volume to value-based healthcare delivery it is now more important than ever for Healthcare organizations to understand how lean strategies can help them achieve their desired outcomes for patient and staff satisfaction, quality, and financial health. With labor being the largest differentiator in service as well as the largest expense for a healthcare provider it is no wonder why one of the leading management philosophies that organizations are embracing is one that values the employee most: Lean.

Learning Points: 

  • Why Healthcare organizations are looking at Lean management techniques
  • How Lean is helping healthcare organizations make the system wide improvements that improve outcomes
  • How to begin a Lean effort in your organization when people feel they are already overworked
  • How improving the use of existing data can accelerate the results of your Lean initiative 
  • Learn how to use data visualization to simplify managing the complexity of all the data required to effectively manage a diverse workforce

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