11 trends healthcare's financial executives can expect this year

2021 is here, but that doesn't mean any of last year's challenges aren't. While no one has a crystal ball, thanks to practice experience and research, we do have a reasonable understanding of which trends will influence the industry the most this year. 

The 2021 Healthcare Financial Trends eBook, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies and expounds on 11 themes critical for healthcare leaders in the year ahead.

We won't lie — the financial trends outlined in the report will challenge providers. But they will also generate significant opportunities. This report combines extensive research with market and financial insight, creating a valuable planning tool for 2021 and beyond.

Three learning points from the eBook:

  • The four primary challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic will mark providers' next 12 months
  • The immense burden patients and providers face due to rising healthcare costs and what to do about it
  • Insights on the technology that is altering the healthcare landscape, including telehealth, workflow automation, information security and digital payments


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