2016 Consumer Telehealth Survey Results

The results are in — 2016 Hospital & Health Systems Benchmark Survey: Consumer Telehealth

Teladoc in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare conducted a benchmark survey to gain insight from U.S. hospital and health system executives on the current consumer telehealth landscape.

The survey captured responses from 179 health care executives and other key telehealth stakeholders on their consumer telehealth goals, length of program, challenges, populations served, staffing structure, marketing budget and promotion, utilization, and factors to consider in a telehealth partner.

Key findings include:

  1. 83% of organizations planning to implement consumer telehealth rate it as a high priority initiative
  2. 76% of hospitals have or will be implementing consumer telehealth by December 2018
  3. 69% of organizations that have consumer telehealth in place are expanding their programs

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