2020 Physician & Consumer Telehealth Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the healthcare industry’s implementation of telehealth, quickly breaking down barriers to adoption and ushering in widespread usage by both consumers and providers. There was a distinct shift in how telehealth was being used by both parties, signaling an industry-wide transition toward a hybrid care model. Providers, payers and innovators will need to think differently about how they integrate these a hybrid care models.

Amwell’s 2020 Physician & Consumer Telehealth Survey provides a deeper look into the quickly evolving role telehealth will play in healthcare, including insights on how consumer and physician experiences, behaviors and expectations have shifted.

The ebook includes insights on:

  • How COVID-19 has accelerated hybrid care models that combine in-person and virtual care
  • The importance of usability in adoption of telehealth technology
  • How consumer telehealth access and the know-how to leverage it remain highly uneven
  • How, when and how much consumers and providers plan to use telehealth in the future
  • Strategic questions organizations should consider to influence telehealth’s future trajectory

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