2020 resolutions for health systems: How hospital leaders can lay the groundwork for long-term sustainability

Although Jan. 1 marked the beginning of a new decade and promise of a fresh start for many, hospital and health system leaders don't have the luxury of a clean slate. Most remain challenged to shelter their organizations from industry headwinds that intensified in the previous decade, including the rising cost of care, declining reimbursement and increasing competition for market share.

Amid these financial constraints, hospitals are also challenged to operate under new reimbursement models and meet the consumer expectations as competition intensifies and disruptors move into healthcare from tech and retail.

During a December 2019 advisory call hosted by Becker's Hospital, several healthcare executives discussed current industry challenges and approaches they're taking to keep pace with this rapidly changing environment. Their conversation inspired this ebook, which proposes three resolutions for how providers can set groundwork for long-term sustainability.

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