3 things to know about personalized interbody fusion cages

At least 1.6 million U.S. adults seek treatment for spinal deformities every year.

The Rationale for Personalized Interbody Devices is a literature review of published research about the potential benefits of patient specific interbody devices. Over 30 studies describe the benefits related to personalized geometry and endplate fit, which may help surgeons achieve sagittal and coronal alignment goals more reliably.

1. Personalized geometry and fit may help surgeons more reliably achieve optimal alignment, which is the most significant predictor of improved clinical outcomes in surgery to correct spinal malalignment.
2. Compared to non-personalized cage designs, personalized interbody cages reduced endplate stress, increased contact area for bone graft loading, lowered stress on posterior rods and caused a lower stress increase on adjacent levels.
3. Endplate conforming cages provided comparable clinical results and fusion rates in comparison to the traditional cage but with decreased postoperative subsidence and a lower severity of subsidence-related pain in follow-up.


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