4 key steps to improve patient engagement strategy

Patients are struggling with healthcare’s financial burden, as Americans’ average income has not kept pace with rising costs. Additionally, patients expect healthcare to have the same convenience and transparency they’ve come to enjoy in industries such as retail or banking.

Seventy percent of hospital executives said they had plans to expand price transparency, but only 25 percent said they strongly agreed that their staff was well-prepared to have financial conversations with patients, according to a survey conducted in early 2021 by CareCredit and Becker’s. This incongruence between priority and ability sheds light on a crucial area hospitals need to improve upon to deliver a consumer-centric, transparent experience to patients.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to:
  • Identify pain points and empower all patient-facing staff
  • Continue to support teams with resources, training and designated leaders
  • Integrate financial communication throughout the care journey
  • Identify patient communication preferences


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