5 keys to a more resilient revenue cycle

A comprehensive revenue cycle management solution is necessary for all healthcare organizations to survive, recover and protect themselves from losing millions of dollars from unforeseeable events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even with federal relief funding, losses are only offset by 30 percent to 50 percent at larger hospitals. The C-suite of healthcare organizations have growing concerns ranging from revenue and margin pressure to increased revenue cycle complexities.

By utilizing iMedX’s comprehensive RCM solution, healthcare organizations will achieve a resilient revenue cycle through flexible staffing, accurate documentation, integrated technology, powerful analytics and visibility into payer contracts.

This whitepaper offers an overview of the challenges most affecting healthcare providers and details five keys for successful revenue cycle management:

  • Flexible RCM staffing
  • Accurate coding & documentation that includes telehealth
  • Efficient, integrated technology
  • Effective analytics
  • Actionable visibility into payer contracts


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