5 Ways to Improve Care Efficiency with Mobile Devices

Hospital IT departments and clinical administrators are charged with getting the value from their clinical technology investments. At the same time, care providers are clamoring for a way to reduce the number of devices they carry such as pagers, smartphones, VOIP phones, and barcode scanners.

Several health system leaders, such as Reading Health System, have identified five ways to leverage communication technology to improve care efficiency and boost the patient experience:

1) Empower collaboration between physicians, nurses, staff and patients with a single communication platform that works in any location

2) Nurses complete their documentation and notes right at the bedside and spend more time with patients

3) Clinical staff access patient data and other information from a single interface that they carry with them throughout the facility

4) Enable care providers to use the right communication device for each situation inside and outside of the hospital

5) Robust patient data security across all devices, users, and locations

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