5 Ways to Transform Revenue Cycle Through Analytics: Part 2

On-Demand Webinar

Although hospital systems collect massive amounts of data, much of this data is often overlooked as a means of improving the revenue cycle. To help increase cash and reduce costs, hospital leaders can leverage data analytics processes during the revenue cycle to make the most out of the data they're already collecting.

In a January 28th webinar, we discussed how healthcare leaders can apply data analytics to the revenue cycle and offered several tips on how to get started. Now, join us for part 2 of the discussion as we dive further into the uses, implications, and efficiencies of two of the most talked about topics in analytics - Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation – and how they can be used to increase productivity in revenue cycle.

Learning Points:

1. Understanding the 3 stages of applying analytics to revenue cycle
2. How to leverage Artificial Intelligence and automation to increase cash and reduce cost

3. How to leverage analytics and workflow automation to reduce denials
4. How to reduce cost to collect instantly with very little effort  
5. How to get started with analytics in revenue cycle




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