6 Reasons Your Hospital Is Underperforming & How to Turn It Around

Healthcare organizations have significant pressure to deliver improved care at the lowest possible cost and healthcare leaders are increasingly being pressed to improve financial, clinical, and operational performance in new ways. This white paper looks at why hospitals are underperforming and why the traditional way of fixing problems may no longer be viable. It also provides insight on how hospitals can remain competitive by using a data-driven, integrated, and cross-functional approach to driving operational and clinical performance improvement that results in sustainable outcomes.

Key learning points include:

  • A more effective and modern approach to improving performance
  • Thinking outside of the traditional siloed approach to remediation
  • The importance of data in identifying, prioritizing, and remediating opportunities for improvement
  • How to put your data to work to see trackable and manageable results
  • Four steps to drive quantifiable and sustainable improvements in cost per case, length of stay, and quality performance
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