7 investment strategies to help providers weather the financial lows of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic, and resulting economic impact, have created unprecedented clinical and financial challenges for healthcare providers. On the financial side, providers are urgently seeking alternative sources of revenue to counter diminishing traditional reimbursements. The markets should be one area of focus in these efforts. The historic low-rate environment presents an opportunity for many healthcare providers but requires a shift in investment strategy.

Fortunately, there are many strategies healthcare organizations can utilize to fully leverage available cash to maximize returns without undue risks. This article provides insights into:

  • Days cash on hand
  • Lines of credit
  • Money market funds
  • Fixed income investments
  • Loans and bonds


The ability to optimize investment returns through proactive control of cash is substantial. These seven strategies can help organizations turn today's financial challenges into tomorrow's financial opportunities.

  • Learn about the four common cash investing challenges healthcare providers encounter.
  • Discover seven strategies that can form the basis of a beneficial approach to optimizing cash investments.
  • Learn four critical characteristics healthcare providers should seek in their banking relationships.


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