8 Keys to Success in Payor Collections and A/R Management for Out-of-Network, Complex, and In-Network Claims: 
Why Payor Collections and A/R Management Have Become More and More Critical in the Era of Increasing Denials, Underpayments, and Payor Roadblocks

Today, providers are experiencing increasing denials, underpayments, and plan complexity, and decreasing allowed charges, reimbursements and payor accountability.

Potentially millions are being left on the table every day. The complexity of plans and the claims system as designed by the payors makes it difficult if not impossible for providers to collect the reimbursements they are entitled to from the payor and to clearly understand if they are accurate.

A robust A/R management, payor collections, and revenue integrity program is the key to ensuring that your payors are reimbursing at the appropriate and fair rate.

Read the 8 Keys to Success and learn how you can be successful with payor reimbursements by:

  • Understanding how to optimize your payor reimbursement and AR Management functions
  • Reducing both your days outstanding and your A/R balances
  • Establishing a program to reduce denials, underpayments and payment delays
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