8 Steps to Evaluate a Digital Rounding Solution: Choosing the Best Tool for Your Organization 

In a recent survey, less than 50% of nurse executives indicated they were satisfied with rounding processes at their organizations. This lack of satisfaction has led many to seek out technologies to streamline and improve rounding processes and enhance the patient experience. Because digital rounding is a relatively new practice for many organizations, it is crucial for leaders to understand how to evaluate different solutions.  

Asking the right questions and understanding available features is a key step in evaluating any technology tool. In this eBook, you will uncover the steps to take in choosing the right digital rounding solution for your organization.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand the available features your organization can use to enhance rounding processes 
  • Learn why asking the right questions during the evaluation process can help in choosing the right digital rounding solution for your organization 
  • See how organizations went through the evaluation process and hear tips from their experiences 

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