A better future for pediatric care: How the Children’s Hospital Coalition is addressing critical medicine shortages

Pediatric essential medicines necessary to sustain life and combat disease have reached critical shortage levels over the last year, leading to disproportionate workloads and high costs at hospitals, and safety risks for patients. Now, children's hospitals are collaborating to tackle the issue.
The Children's Hospital Coalition collaborates with Phlow and children’s hospitals across the nation to prioritize which essential medicines are of most need, and eventually plans to develop novel pediatric essential medicines. Read this 3-page report to learn how children’s hospitals are currently managing pediatric medicine shortages and their efforts to prevent new ones.
Key learning points:
  • How children's hospitals are handling current essential medicine shortages and mitigating risks for patients
  • The action items the Children's Hospital Coalition is working on to ensure a reliable and affordable supply of high-quality medicines
  • Efforts to prevent future medicine shortages


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