A guide to orthodontic quality assessment utilizing the ABO's cast-radiograph evaluation

It is critical that orthodontics practices conduct at least periodic spot-checks of patient progress. Practices can determine when more attention should be applied to certain patients by using an automated method of mid-treatment and final treatment assessment for orthodontic patients that is designed to follow the American Board of Orthodontics’ published standards for cast-radiograph evaluation.

These standards are meant to reduce the subjectivity of evaluating orthodontic patients. Ortho Share 360 is an cast radiograph assessment software system that was designed to follow them.

Download this whitepaper to see how the system works, and why it:
  • Is more accurate and less time consuming for the orthodontist than just visual inspection
  • Provides for an unbiased second opinion without requiring the case to be reviewed by peers.
  • Can also be used in group practices to aid in identifying where more training of staff could be needed for bracket placement


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