A guidebook to the AAMI's newest standards for flexible endoscope processing

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

While the overall risk is low, more healthcare-associated outbreaks are linked to the use of contaminated endoscopes than any other medical device, underlining the importance of staying up to speed with the latest processing standards.

Maintaining compliance requires adherence to Instructions for Use, national standards and professional society guidelines. During this webinar, experts will break down the latest national standard on flexible endoscope processing, AAMI ST91, highlighting key differences between the 2015 version and current 2022 update.

Attendees will learn how to review the document to identify areas of non-compliance and create a crosswalk for implementation of the recommendations and requirements in the standard.

Key learning points:
  • Discuss the updated national standard, ANSI/AAMI ST91, highlighting key differences between the 2015 version and the latest update
  • Identify current best practices in the processing of flexible endoscopes as outlined in ST91 and other guidelines
  • Learn how to review the standard and evaluate areas of non-compliance


Mary Ann Drosnock - Laura Zuba

Mary Ann Drosnock, MS, CIC, CFER, RM (NRCM), AAMIF, FAPIC

Director, Clinical Affairs - Healthmark Industries

John Whelan - Laura Zuba

John Whelan, BS, RN

Clinical Educator – Healthmark Industries