A new pandemic: COVID-19's mental health crisis & the role of virtual care

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COVID-19 is far from over in the United States, with cases continuing to surge in many parts of the country. The viral pandemic has now spawned an associated epidemic of behavioral health challenges in this country.

For many Americans, the pandemic presents a unique combination of stressors including prolonged isolation, fear of infection, unemployment or job insecurity and disruptions to school and daycare schedules. Layered on top of that are pressing concerns regarding social justice and economic vulnerability. The result is an alarming increase in the demand for mental health services.

To address these mental health issues in a still-socially distant world, many healthcare organizations are leveraging virtual care to provide behavioral healthcare services. In fact, with visits and provider usage at an all-time high, the healthcare industry seems to have reached an inflection point in telebehavioral health.

You'll want to watch this webinar to hear Amwell’s Lindsay Henderson, PsyD, director of psychological services, and Elena Kazakevich, LCSW, senior manager of clinical programs, share how telehealth brings care to patients, reveal statistics on adoption and utilization and discuss how your organization can leverage virtual care to treat mental health patients during the pandemic.

During the webinar they will discuss:

  • An update on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in general and within at-risk populations
  • The current state of demand for behavioral health and telehealth’s role in treatment
  • How health systems and health plans can leverage virtual care for mental health
  • Considerations for behavioral health treatment needs moving forward
  • The future of telebehavioral health



Lindsay Henderson, PsyD, Director of Psychological Services, Amwell

Elena Kazakevich, LCSW, Senior Manager of Clinical Programs, Amwell