A New Path to Higher Patient Satisfaction Scores

Will better education of obstetric patients about pain expectations boost hospital loyalty and revenue?


Quality data drives clinical excellence across healthcare service lines and facilities, influencing protocols to improve patient safety and satisfaction and increase volume, among other applications. 

NAPA CEO John F. Di Capua, MD says, “Hospitals make money when patients become loyal to one health system…for many young families, their first step in building a hospital relationship begins with a great childbirth experience.” This white paper addresses:

  • How QI has evolved over a century to monetize value over volume
  • How millennial moms, representing 83% of new mothers, are now the $2.4 million social media influencer—and what that means for obstetric services and hospital brand loyalty
  • How NAPA deploys QI intelligence to solve problems and create value for its healthcare partners.


As hospitals move towards a consumer-driven, service industry model, learn how NAPA works to integrate QI data with actionable plans that transform the patient experience, yielding greater revenue for providers.


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