A New Technology Platform Designed for DSOs To Drive Quality, Cost Savings and Actionable Analytics

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.


DSOs face many challenges as they strive to reach growth targets, reduce spending and ensure high quality restorations. BioDental's open technology platform connects dentists & dental labs & delivers timely, quality restorations while generating actionable data that results in better clinical, operational & financial outcomes. During this session, you will learn from clinical, lab, and DSO management leaders how BioDental Sciences addresses these challenges today.

Learning points:

  • How to achieve higher quality restorations consistently and delivered on time
  • Reducing your lab spend by 20% or more
  • How the technology platform analytics help you drive and measure clinical performance with real-time data
  • How the platform consolidates and manages all your dental lab activities
  • How the platform seamlessly integrates with your critical technology systems


scott-westermeier - Perla Ponce

Scott Westermeier, DDS

Group Founder and Regional Dental Director, North American Dental Group

dr-gary-kaye - Perla Ponce

Dr. Gary Kaye

Chairman and Founder, BioDental Sciences

John DeMark - Perla Ponce

John DeMark

Chief Commercial Officer, BioDental Sciences