ACA Disruption – Impacts to Healthcare, Hospitals and Revenue

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Recent changes in governmental leadership and legislation have brought forth increased attention to the likelihood of possible changes to the ACA.  From “repeal and replace” to changes in coverage thresholds, an exploratory view of the current market dynamics will be reviewed in detail.  Impacts to tax credits, exchange plans, Medicaid, Medicare, Value Based Purchasing and others will be reviewed, as the discussions for regulation changes are developing rapidly.  Stakeholder reaction, strategy and positioning will also be highlighted, with a summary as to leverage technology and processes to determine coverage and reimbursement  to ensure a healthy bottom line at your organization in this disruptive environment.

During this webinar attendees will: 

1.      Provide a market update as current and proposed changes to the ACA under budget reconciliation, executive order, and congressional vote.

2.      Gain insights on current replacement and coverage strategies on the table for consideration surrounding plan type, tax funding, and coverage thresholds.

3.      Learn about areas of impact for access and coverage at your organization from a financial standpoint – impacts to self-pay, bad debt, charity, exchange, and government payers

4.      Discuss strategies for managing the disruption to ensure positive outcomes clinically and financially, leveraging technology and battle-tested processes.