Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation is becoming increasingly essential in healthcare operations, life sciences research and patient care. This change is leading institutions to take a new approach to healthcare that optimizes data, technology and analytics to transform the current system. PINC AITM is helping drive this transformation.

PINC AITM intelligence engine is a technology and services platform that leverages artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to produce evidence-based insights at the point of care. Premier's value-based care focuses on improving healthcare quality through technology tools, while PINC AITM's margin-improvement solutions find and eliminate unnecessary spending, waste and inefficiencies.

With PINC AITM, organizations face a more stable future through the optimization of data, technology, services and scale. Premier understands healthcare and has the tools, data and innovation to power the significant changes health systems need. PINC AITM solutions enable multiple technologies to work together to optimize performance and accelerate healthcare innovation.

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