Accelerating Telehealth Adoption: Telemedicine’s Role in the Volume to Value Journey

There is growing evidence that telehealth expands access to care, improves health outcomes and healthcare quality, increases patient engagement, and reduces healthcare costs. Yet skeptics are concerned about increased utilization and lack of ROI. This URAC Industry Insight Report offers perspectives from leaders on the front lines of telehealth, who are witnessing the risks and rewards as telehealth adoption accelerates rapidly with the transition from volume to value.

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  • Proven outcomes from Kaiser Permanente and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center telehealth programs
  • Insights from the University of Rochester Medical Center’s launch of a Project ECHO program for geriatric mental health
  • How Northwell Health is tackling its expansion to consumer-facing telehealth
  • Why telehealth data will help reduce costs and improve health outcomes for patients with multiple chronic diseases
  • And much, much more.


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