Achieving perioperative 'systemness': How CommonSpirit is aligning people, process and technology across its system and gaining impressive financial and operational results

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Health systems that have grown through acquisition or organic expansion often find it hard to function like “one system" with consistent operational processes, tools, policies and procedures across locations and regions. Disparities lead to an inconsistent patient experience and higher costs. Adopting a systemwide EHR alone doesn't achieve or define "systemness”. In fact, systemness can be achieved even with disparate EHRs.

Achieving systemness, particularly in perioperative services, requires aligning the right people, processes and policies around a common set of technologies. Without the right technology systems cannot realize economies of size or scale nor identify true best practices, and invariably leave millions of dollars of unused OR capacity on the table. Hear how CommonSpirit has not only tackled the challenge of perioperative systemness through adopting LeanTaaS iQueue for Operating Rooms but has also delivered remarkable results.

Watch this webinar on demand, to learn:
  • Why "systemness" matters to delivering a consistently high-quality patient and surgeon experience, to facilitating growth, and to lowering costs
  • Myths and best practices for adopting tools, processes, and policies that enable "systemness"
  • The importance of process standardization, transparency, and collaboration across departments and facilities within the broader provider's ecosystem



Brian Dawson_CX - Carly Xagas

Brian Dawson, MSN, RN-BC, CNOR, CSSM

System VP, Perioperative Services, CommonSpirit Health

Ashley Walsh_CX - Carly Xagas

Ashley Walsh, MHA

VP Client Services iQueue for Operating Rooms & Inpatient Beds, LeanTaaS