Acute behavioral healthcare in the ED needs an upgrade — Your guide to elevating the standard

This year, estimates show more than 4 million people with behavioral health conditions will enter an emergency department, but ED staff are not always well-equipped to treat them.

That's where Emergency Psychiatric Intervention, or EPI, comes in. It's an approach and toolkit designed by Vituity emergency medicine and acute psychiatry physicians that aims to elevate the standard of care for emergency behavioral health patients. EPI brings together front-line physicians and clinical support staff with existing ED teams to optimize workflows and increase staff engagement.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:
  • A deeper look into what EPI is and how it operates
  • How EPI helps hospitals improve clinical quality and profitability while strengthening community trust, as well as the other benefits
  • Case studies of EPI in caption at two health systems of care.


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