The New Frontier Enhanced Visual Inspection of Medical Devices

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT 

Stephen M Kovach and Mary Ann Drosnock during this presentation will explore the development of new technologies in the area of enhanced visual inspection of medical devices. Recent incidents of infections transmitted to patients from dirty arthroscopic shavers and endoscopes have led to changes in how healthcare professional especially sterile processing professionals visually inspect these medical devices. They will explore the development of these new technologies and look into the internal workings of not only arthroscopic shavers, but other medical devices.  These advanced enhanced visual inspection tools are the cutting edge technology of progressive sterile processing professionals to deliver safe and ready to use medical devices to the next patient.

Agenda Points:

  • Define visual clean
  • Define enhanced visual inspection
    • Site
      • Various forms of magnification
    • Surface
      • Type of test
      • Swab/flush method of testing the medical devices for residual
  • Review the latest recommendations from various organizations on enhanced visual inspection
  • Define best practices for enhanced visual inspection on medical devices 
    • Examples
      • Lumen items
      • Orthopedic shaver
      • Doppler
      • Endoscopes
      • Other medical devices
  • Q&A - 10 minutes