How to win at total joints: 4 ortho leaders weigh in

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Total joint replacements and other orthopedic procedures are rapidly shifting to the outpatient space. In fact, the volume of orthopedic procedures in the outpatient setting is now 33 times higher than in inpatient settings. And by 2025, more than two-thirds of orthopedic surgeries are projected to occur in ASCs. 

As total joint procedures migrate to ASC settings, leaders must ensure they have effective strategies in place to prevent adverse outcomes, such as surgical site infections. During this panel discussion, four orthopedic leaders will share how they're navigating the shift and offer best practices to optimize patient outcomes. Healthcare organizations represented in the discussion include: 
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston)
  • OrthoCarolina (Charlotte, N.C.)
  • Washington Hospital Healthcare System (Fremont, Calif.)
  • St. Peter's Hospital (Albany, N.Y.)





Dr.Springer-Jason-Grady Cropped

Dr. Brian Springer

Fellowship Director, OrthoCarolina, Professor Of Orthopedic Surgery-Atrium

Dr. Sah - Jason Grady

Dr. Alexander Sah

Institute for Joint Restoration, Director Outpatient Joint Replacement Program, Washington Hospital

Dr. Congiusta - Jason Grady

Dr. Frank Congiusta

Chief, Division of Orthopedic Surgery St. Peters Hospital

Dr. Chen - Jason Grady

Dr. Antonia Chen

Director Research, Arthroplasty Services- Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School