Better healthcare through math - Winning the game of tetris in infusion

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CT

Why do health systems struggle to efficiently utilize assets? The fundamental problem is one of matching a volatile, unpredictable demand for services with the constrained availability of supply. Yesterday’s tools are not adequate to address this supply-demand issue.

Infusion centers face these supply-demand challenges on a daily basis. Many of these centers find themselves “playing Tetris” when trying to cobble together daily schedules for their infusion chairs in a way that is practical for all parties. These centers experience the same outcomes of unacceptable patient wait times, lack of available appointments, and nurses who can’t get off the floor for their breaks.

Join this Webinar to Learn:
  • How Healthcare systems can harness the power of sophisticated, analytics-driven predictive algorithms to optimize the matching of supply and demand
  • How these principles can solve most challenges that infusion centers contend with nearly every day
  • Why EHRs and dashboards are not enough
  • How UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center was able to reduce patient wait times at their infusion centers




Aubrey Wong

Administrative Director, University of California, San Francisco


Mohan Giridharadas

Founder & CEO, LeanTaaS