Beyond connectivity: Why healthcare is on the verge of true interoperability

Digital medical records are now essential to care delivery and executing healthcare operations. While the EHR has become indispensable, in many cases, it does not offer clinicians true usability due to confusing workflows and a lack of interoperability across technology systems and data repositories.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for greater interoperability in healthcare. The nation’s pandemic response required health systems, labs, public health entities and payers to share information rapidly. These efforts were effective to a degree, but in many swaths of the country, the public health information technology infrastructure fell short.

This whitepaper explores how healthcare can achieve true interoperability. Download to learn about:
  • Current interoperability trends and how Cerner is making true interoperability a priority
  • Data in the right hands at the right time
  • How greater interoperability can improve clinical outcomes and create better experiences for patients and providers


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