Beyond headcounting: What cost models are actually working for hospital execs at 9 systems

Cutting headcount alone won't transform costs. Instead, revenue cycle leaders have come to realize that only a multidimensional approach will help them meet their strategic priorities and cost reduction goals.

In an eBook sponsored by Huron, the CEOs, COOs, chief revenue officers and presidents from nine health systems share what staffing models and workflow changes have proven the most successful for them — during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The eBook features direct quotes and stories on how the leaders maximized remote teams, talent management strategies, billing office advancements and vendor relationships to ensure long-term sustainability.

Readers of the eBook will learn: 

  • What multidimensional approaches the systems' revenue cycle teams have adopted to cut costs
  • New talent management strategies the organizations are deploying to keep work-from-home a reality
  • What realistic expectations for technology and automation look like, and how both can be used to increase patient satisfaction

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