Beyond telehealth: Why patient engagement is key to superior patient experience + provider efficiencies

While 2020 will be known as the year of COVID-19, healthcare professionals will also remember it as the year of telehealth.

During the worst of the initial economic shutdown between mid-March through mid-June, telehealth visits comprised about 30 percent of total outpatient visits. As the pandemic’s grip loosens, providers must continue to embrace new ways of reaching patients as a large and growing number of consumers expect telehealth to be an option in the future.

The new care paradigm is patient engagement, which encompasses virtual visits, patient education, medication adherence and the ability to monitor and track patients through fitness devices and medical mobile apps that fully involve patients in their care.

Patients who are more engaged in their health enjoy better outcomes and incur lower costs, which benefits both patients and providers.

This whitepaper will explore:
  • The use of telehealth during the pandemic
  • The basics and benefits of patient engagement
  • Pros and cons of telehealth when it comes to patient engagement
  • How mobile apps propel patient engagement strategies and enhance the patient experience 


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