Boosting returns: Your clinical assets may not be providing the expected return and why it is more important than ever

Hospitals and health systems are among the most capital-intensive organizations in the healthcare sector and as such, capital needs have traditionally been significantly greater than available capital funds. 

The challenge is exacerbated by COVID-19 that continues to stress financials and create ongoing uncertainty about the long-range implications of the pandemic.

Now more important than ever, leading health systems are focused on how to ensure maximum return on invested capital (ROIC). Yet we have been slower than organizations in other sectors to embrace ROIC as a tool to evaluate capital decisions.

Organizations that demonstrate strong ROIC thrive in all markets, but are particularly resilient in financially-challenging times because of their ability to create long-term value.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why traditional investment yardsticks, like net present value (NPV), have limited utility in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape
  • Discover why organizations that view capital allocation and operational execution as an integrated process drive increased value
  • Learn how to integrate the five phases of the Clinical Asset Value Chain into your capital investment planning


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