Building a High-Performance Healthcare Culture

Every healthcare organization has a similar set of goals: Improve the coordination of care to enhance the patient experience and patient outcomes, while reducing costs. It’s similar to any industry - make the best product possible. Provide better service than your competitors. Increase margins and revenue. Healthcare differs slightly, at least, in the non-profit sector, where maximizing profit is not a primary goal - but working to maintain a viable margin is important, and challenging.

What organizations from other industries have learned is that new processes only take you so far – success requires a high-performance culture. Healthcare is unique in that organizations readily share their strategies and keys to success. So why can’t every organization replicate that success and why hasn’t the entire healthcare system made more progress? Is culture the barrier?

This paper briefly explores what we mean by culture, and why healthcare organizations find it difficult to create the culture they envision. We’ll also provide practical advice from leaders working on the front lines of building new, high-performance cultures for their organizations you can use today.


Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should care about building a strong culture
  • Why culture change is difficult in healthcare
  • Practical advice from leaders driving culture change in their organizations


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