C-suite guide: Take action on health equity

Health inequity is costing health organizations and communities over $93 billion in excess cost and over $42 billion in untapped productivity. Millions of people are not able to receive the care they need or achieve good health. Communities are looking for leaders who can address the structural bias that allows health inequities to remain.

This guide, with tailored advice for CEOs, CFOs and CMOs, explores how to:

Approach health inequity with straightforward action
  • Assess yourself and your organization for bias
  • Connect health equity to your purpose and mission

Determine the cost of unchecked bias in the health system
  • Assess the financial impact of structural bias
  • Measure the long-term impact of upstream investment

Address health inequities to improve outcomes
  • Build a sightline to unrecognized bias
  • Expand efforts into the community

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