Can technology overcome clinical workforce challenges?

Hospital leaders are reimagining traditional care models to maintain quality while mitigating a mounting workforce shortage. According to a recent Vizient study, remote monitoring programs are a trending solution for many hospitals, particularly in the form of virtual inpatient nursing.

Virtual nursing poses a variety of benefits for both clinicians and patients. This paper provides analysis and first-hand insight from prominent hospital systems that have successfully implemented this model. While these programs currently take place in an inpatient setting, opportunity exists to expand to outpatient and eventually home care as well, as research indicates sites of care will continue to shift toward these settings into the future.

This clinical whitepaper covers:
  • Survey results identify current and future trends in reimagining care delivery
  • The rise of the virtual nurse and how two hospitals implemented it differently
  • Shifts in site of care with growth in outpatient and hospital at home
  • Leveraging technology to reimagine who delivers care and how they deliver it

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