Care coordination across the continuum: A guidebook to reducing readmissions

Readmissions are a significant challenge with a high price tag — amounting to over $26 billion annually for Medicare patients alone.

Many factors contribute to readmissions, but a common thread among them is the increasing complexity of healthcare. Providers are taking on additional patients. At the same time, documentation requirements are growing, as is the need to interact with more systems and tools. The average health system has multiple different EHR systems in place across their network.

The result is cumbersome data integration and access, which creates care coordination challenges.

Many readmissions occur when patients move between care settings. Given the fragmented healthcare landscape, information can fall through the cracks, leading to suboptimal care transitions that put patients at risk.

But readmissions can be reduced by using the right care coordination tools that enable real-time data sharing and care collaboration.

The solution lies in the adoption of technology and processes that help providers at the point of care make safe and appropriate treatment decisions while providing meaningful insights to care managers monitoring patients across the continuum.

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