Case Length Accuracy: How OhioHealth Solved Case Scheduling Inefficiency

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Perioperative leaders are constantly striving to optimize operating room utilization and accommodate daily schedules with limited resources. This is especially challenging for leaders allocating resources based on inaccurate case length scheduling requests from surgeons and clinics.

Relying on EHR case length suggestion capabilities or expected case length based on tribal knowledge fails to address the complexity and intricacies of each specialty and procedure in the allotted OR schedule timeframe.
Join OhioHealth’s business operations manager of surgical services and LeanTaaS’ director of iQueue for Operating Rooms for a discussion on their journey toward achieving optimal scheduling efficiency. Learn how OhioHealth’s adoption of prescriptive and predictive analytics tools have improved case length accuracy by 4% from FY2021 to FY2022 - a big deal in terms of operating room minutes - and the benefits of data transparency and defensible metrics in achieving operational goals.

Key learning points:
  • Explain the relationship between optimal utilization of operating room time and estimated procedure length scheduling practices
  • Understand the challenges associated with relying on EHR data to accurately predict case length accuracy
  • Describe the overall benefits of improving case length accuracy using predictive and prescriptive analytics


julie - Carly Xagas

Juli Kerscher, MSN, RN

Business Operations Manager, Perioperative Services, OhioHealth

alyssa - Carly Xagas

Alyssa Arrese, MHA

Director, iQueue for Operating Rooms, LeanTaaS