Advanced Primary Care is in! Why Health Systems are Seeking Partners to Ensure Success

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT 

In this enlightening presentation, we delve into the growing trend of health systems seeking strategic partnerships to achieve success in advanced primary care.
As the healthcare landscape evolves in a post-pandemic world with shrinking margins, health systems are compelled to adapt and innovate.

Through risk-sharing collaborations, they aim to expand their networks, enhance quality, and manage costs more effectively.

Our expert panel will discuss the essential tools and partnerships that facilitate the transformation of primary care practices within health systems. Attendees will gain valuable insights into key learnings, observed results, and the next generation of anticipated changes. Discover the importance of strategic partnerships in ensuring the success of advanced primary care and the future of healthcare delivery.

Learning Points:
  • Clinical resources need to evolve to meet the needs of complex and medically underserved patients. 
  • Evolving data science and care model innovation needs to be accelerated to transform primary care. 
  • The next generation of value-based entities must be in full-risk to generate higher performance and savings. 
  • For stronger balance sheets, hospital CFOs are looking at risk sharing to protect downside in full-risk APMs.



Dr. Vanessa Diaz - Liz Engman Cropped

Dr Vanessa Diaz

Primary Care ICCE Chief, MUSC Health System

Patrick Cawley Photo

Dr Patrick Cawley

Chief Executive Officer, MUSC Health System




Valinda Rutledge Photo.jpeg - Liz Engman

Valinda Rutledge

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, UpStream