AI-Powered Utilization Review for Hospitals

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 

Hospitals are faced with the challenge of optimizing patient throughput, maintaining patient satisfaction, and maximizing appropriate revenue while minimizing the cost burden. This session will discuss how ECU Health leveraged AI-powered automation technology from MCG Health to navigate these challenges and improve the efficiency of their Utilization Review team.

Attendees will learn how the ECU Health Utilization Review team streamlined clinical and operational aspects of the patient’s care journey into one experience. Presenters will outline how they were able to leverage MCG solutions to optimize staff efficiency while improving patient satisfaction, appropriate revenue collections, and revenue cycle efficiency.

Learning Points: 
  • Identify areas where leveraging AI-powered solutions can positively impact an organization’s operational efficiency within utilization management
  • Describe the mechanisms used by MCG Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse to extract EHR data and drive efficiency in medical necessity documentation
  • Identify opportunities to improve existing medical necessity documentation workflows within the EHR




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Stephanie Smith MSN, ACM-RN

Manager of Utilization Management , ECU Health

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Jillian Daugherty MBA, BSN, RN

Lead Account Director, MCG Health