Elevating the strategic impact of the chief pharmacy officer

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Pharmacy is evolving from a centralized, necessary system to a strategic and innovative partner across organizations, with the potential to deliver patient-centered services that create new and reliable revenue streams — and chief pharmacy officers have a key role to play. 

With the elevation of pharmacy services comes significant opportunities for CPOs to effect change in their systems. They centralize pharmacy services, look for ways to increase utilization of sometimes overlooked areas of pharmacy, and connect the clinical and business strategies for the health system.

In this live webinar, pharmacy leaders and industry experts will share their experiences in serving hospitals and health systems and how they've seen the role of chief pharmacy officer evolve. They'll share tips on elevating the role to be a strategic leader in the health system, which in turn can improve access to care, drive increased revenue, and enhance patient care and community programs.

You'll learn: 
  • Why the CPO role is mission-critical for hospitals and health systems to grow
  • How health systems can build sustainable, revenue-producing specialty pharmacy services
  • Ways innovative pharmacy programs improve cost containment, patient outcomes and margin




Eric Balmir - Sarah Simon

Eric Balmir, MS, PharmD, CIM

Vice President of Clinical Ancillary Services and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Children's National Hospital

David Twitchell - Sarah Simon

David Twitchell, PharmD, MBA

Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Boston Medical Center Health System

Mo Kharbat - Sarah Simon

Mo Kharbat, RPh, MBA, FACHE

Vice President of Industry Affairs, Clearway Health




Nicole Faucher - Sarah Simon Cropped

Nicole Faucher, MS

President, Clearway Health