How Innovative EHR Training can Improve Clinician Well-being 

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT 

No organization is immune to burnout, especially when it's driven by EHR- and documentation-related challenges. 
Research shows user ratings on the quality of EHR training are the single greatest predictor of overall user experience. These findings are leading health systems to reinvest in new and innovative training approaches.   
During this webinar, industry leaders will share the latest clinician burnout data and how health systems — including Froedtert Health — are reinvigorating EHR training strategies to move the needle in clinician well-being. Learn how these strategies can cut EHR training time by 56-86% percent, and result in millions in savings. 
Learning points: 
  • Clinician burnout trends, including contributors and successful mitigation
  • How health systems are using adaptive learning to improve the EHR onboarding experience for providers
  • Educational investment and its impact on satisfaction and well-being 



Jenna-Anderson-355 - Liz Engman

Jenna Anderson,

Strategy and Operations Director, KLAS Research, Arch Collaborative

Erin_Banaszak - Liz Engman Cropped

Erin Banaszak

Supervisor – PROpel Team, Enterprise Clinical Informatics, Froedtert Health

Hyland_Anne_HS - Liz Engman

Anne Hyland

EHR Program Director, Amplifire