New Data: State of the Healthcare Employee Experience 2023

Monday, September 11th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Examine the current list of people-focused stressors that healthcare organizations are grappling with. The breadth and diversity of these challenges are deeply concerning: shortages in talent, a surge in violence and incivility, excessive workloads, a crisis of mental health and overall well-being, and a record number of professionals leaving the industry altogether, just to name a few.

To understand how these factors are impacting the healthcare employee experience, Perceptyx analyzed benchmark data from more than 3.6 million healthcare workers across more than 500 systems, as well as market data from 3,000 healthcare professionals in the US. 

During this live session, members of the Perceptyx Research and Healthcare Consulting team will review the highlights of a newly released report, including specific findings related to physician experience, nursing excellence, and safety.

Join our speakers to hear the latest industry data and learn:  
  • Current employee engagement trends for large healthcare organizations
  • Which drivers of employee experience had the greatest impact on patient experience
  • Emerging areas of strength – such as care for employee health and well-being, teamwork, training and skills development, and senior leadership effectiveness – that can be leveraged to improve the healthcare EX and worker optimism 




Emily Killham - Lauren Farley

Emily Killham, M.A.

Director, Research & Insights | Perceptyx

Ellen Lovell-Perceptyx - Lauren Farley

Ellen Lovell, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant | Perceptyx

Stephanie Schloemer-Perceptyx - Lauren Farley

Stephanie Schloemer, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant | Perceptyx