The role of clinical decision support in ensuring patient safety

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.

Making the right decision can be difficult, especially when it comes to patient safety. However, when the right tools and strategies are deployed, the process gets a whole lot easier. 

In this discussion, you will hear personal stories about complex patients, preventable harm, patient safety, and relying on clinical decision support and other resources to make confident decisions. 

Key learnings: 
  • Clinical decision support tools and resources to support clinicians
  • The importance of having easily accessible evidence-based information at your fingertips
  • Strategies to minimize avoidable harm and improve patient safety





tina - Abbie Engel

Tina Moen

General Manager, Micromedex

lindsey - Abbie Engel

Lindsey Kelley

Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer, Michigan Medicine