4 strategies for anticipating medical device needs to protect your health system and patients 

The relationship between health systems and medical equipment can be complicated. The modern standard of care leans heavily on technology to aid diagnostics and treatment. But the cost of advancing care is substantial. In addition to the cost of purchasing equipment, health systems must invest in maintaining these highly technical devices. While the breadth of these demands may seem daunting, standardizing a proactive approach to technical maintenance, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity can remove many uncertainties from modern care delivery and yield a greater return on a health system’s investments.

In this whitepaper, organizations will learn how to implement a proactive approach to comprehensive clinical engineering for optimal patient care and greater return by:  
  • Using technology to support a preventative maintenance strategy
  • Strengthening supply chains with a dedicated process
  • Staying ahead of regulatory developments
  • Establishing data-driven cybersecurity    protocols for medical equipment 

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