4 ways nurse leaders can streamline onboarding

Registered nurses with less than one year of employment make up as much as 83% of a hospital's total turnover. That's because the transition into practice for today's nursing graduates has never been more demanding. Patients have more complex care needs. Nurse-to-patient ratios are higher. Technological advances requiring ongoing training continue at a dizzying pace.

Faced with these challenges, healthcare organizations must take a proactive approach leveraging historical data to develop predictive analytics to manage nurse onboarding and retention. This whitepaper shares how nurse leaders can apply a quality improvement methodology to streamline the onboarding process while addressing work-life balance concerns to successfully retain new nurses beyond their first few years of practice.

Key takeaways:
  • 7 questions to consider when assessing your onboarding strategy
  • 4 strategies to streamline new nurse onboarding
  • The benefits of a centralized onboarding model

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