A cost minimization model to reduce secondary stroke risk, costs

After patients have a cryptogenic stroke, 30-day monitoring with Philips mobile cardiac telemetry-MCOT patch realizes significant cost-savings compared to proceeding directly with implantable loop recorder (ILR) alone — that's according to new findings from a cost-minimization model. 

The improved atrial fibrillation (AF) detection rates of MCOT followed by ILR reduce the likelihood of a secondary stroke due to new anticoagulant use, resulting in a significantly lower total cost of care. 

This study demonstrates:
  • MCOT as a first-line evaluation detected 4.6 times more patients with AF compared to ILR alone.
  • MCOT followed by IRL resulted in almost 8 times lower costs compared to ILR alone, due to improved AF detection rates and reduction of secondary stroke risk.
  • Total cost difference of MCOT followed by ILR vs ILR alone

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