A leap forward for patient experience: How 'smart' rooms are transforming hospital care 

As health-at-home programs and outpatient procedures gain momentum, the need for effective communication with patients across diverse care settings becomes more crucial. Concurrently, the rising acuity of patients and the anticipated increase in inpatient volumes over the next decade pose new challenges.

Hospitals and health systems are increasingly embracing communication technology to enhance the patient experience, address labor shortages and foster better collaboration among clinicians. However, the implementation of such technology requires careful consideration to avoid compromising patient experience.

This white paper outlines strategic approaches for healthcare organizations to thoughtfully implement communication technology to help — not hurt — the patient experience.

Key learnings:
  • The rise of hospital 'smart' rooms 
  • Virtual communication 'don'ts' that can hinder patient experience
  • The benefits of an integrated virtual communication technology strategy

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