Beyond intervention: Enhancing positive outcomes for patients

Are we doing everything we can for vascular patients? 

CAD and PAD patients have always faced roadblocks along their post-intervention care journey, from costly treatments to finding the motivation and time for managing their conditions. Additionally, there's a disconnect between physicians' and patients' views on the value of digital tools in adhering to care plans. 

This white paper from Year 3 of Abbott's Beyond Intervention research into the global state of vascular care contains key insights from over 2,000 patients, healthcare providers and healthcare leaders on how we might improve patient adherence and outcomes outside healthcare facilities. 

Key learnings include:
  • The importance of a comprehensive care experience within the healthcare system
  • The biggest challenges for patients in adhering to post-discharge care plans
  • How healthcare leaders and providers can provide multiple touchpoints and leverage digital tools to make adhering to a care plan at home easier for patients

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