Building & scaling a precision oncology program: 5 lessons from City of Hope

Precision oncology has come a long way — equipped with new and better information gleaned from genomic testing, more hospitals and health systems are building comprehensive programs around this form of medicine. But it is no easy task: Leaders initiating such programs must be prepared with the teams, processes, workflows and partnerships needed to ensure success and standardized care.

In this white paper, Duarte, Calif.-based City of Hope shares five key lessons learned from building their precision oncology program, as well as the success they're seeing in patient engagement and earlier detection.

You'll also learn:
  • How precision oncology has changed over time, and how the more recent "panoramic" approach is better positioning clinicians to choose the right treatments for patients
  • Why standardization of care in precision oncology is critical for equitable care
  • The benefits that a precision oncology program can bring to patients and communities + the infrastructure and processes organizations should consider in building a successful program 

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